Steam Cleaning: Best Solution for Both Car Interior & Exterior?

Just as important as keeping your car’s exterior clean, having a clean interior is an essential part of preventive maintenance. Dirty air vents can spread dust and other allergens about the cabin. Filmy windows and mirrors can obscure the driver’s view of the road. Grit and grime can work their way inside buttons and switches and cause them to fail. A method of cleaning that has recently garnered a lot of attention with professional detailers is using steam.

Innovative Method

Steam Cleaning is a revolutionary system that is changing the entire car wash industry around the world. Many factors have contributed to its rise in use: high pressure water sprayers can get moisture in sensitive automotive electronics, water use restrictions, the banning of harsh (but effective) chemicals and simply reducing the amount of effort and time required. Steam cleaning is now being used to clean interiors, disinfect air-conditioning/heating vents, degrease engines and even wash entire cars.

When we value our vehicle as a status symbol we enjoy keeping our vehicle clean and shining. This would require detailing relatively often. Detailing is just what the name implies-it is a meticulous cleaning, going beyond simply picking up old fast-food wrappers and emptying the ashtray. While many people take their cars to professional detailing service provider, often paying more than $200, it can be done easily by using steam.

Interior Steam Cleaning Benefits:

  • Eliminates odors from pet stains, smoking, mold and mildews.
  • Deep clean and freshen fabrics quickly and easily.
  • Hard to reach areas like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, and armrests are done in a matter of minutes.
  • Leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as cleaning is complete.

Exterior Steam Cleaning Benefits:

  • Removes all dirt from the exterior of the car, without any effort.
  • No toxic residues left on surfaces.
  • Cleans windows without streaking.
  • Removes wax, tar and other compounds from chrome, moldings and bumpers.
  • Vinyl tops, wheels, whitewalls are all cleaned easily, quickly and completely.

Steam cleaning your car enables users to clean up dirt within the paint without damaging it. Choosing steam is an excellent choice when cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle because the high temperatures actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Since steam is air borne, the heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses in the air. This leaves you with a vehicle that smells clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy for your family. Steam car wash is in favor of environment protection because it does not use detergents and thus does not generate waste water. The benefits of steam technology are boundless.


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