FAQ about Technique & Services

NO. Overall, steam car wash is much more "scratch proof" than conventional car wash methods. Ecoshine method will not scratch your car if it is applied correctly. Car wash scratches are often caused by rubbing tiny particles of dirt, sand, and rust against the car surface without removing them properly first. Our biodegradable products separate and encapsulate surface particles lifting them off and in combination with the steam machine, and microfiber towels are effectively removed by applying just the right amount of heat and pressure.

NO. Paints made for automobiles are highly weather resistant and supposed to endure extreme cold and heat. Steam is a form of gas. The very second steam is exposed to the atmosphere, the temperature of steam drops exponentially. In general, the temperature of the steam on the washing surface is well below 100°C (212°F), but the temperature largely depends on the distance between the steam gun's nozzle tip and the surface .The steam pressure is preset at 8 bar (116 psi). This is a relatively low pressure rate, but powerful and sufficient enough to wash various surfaces safely and efficiently.

A traditional water car wash disposes of 150-200 liters of water per car. Ecoshine consume 3-4 liters of water per car. Our products are biodegradable and no wastewater is produced. The used microfiber towels are cleaned and taken care of by certified laundries.

Even though new automotive technologies offer a longer lasting finish, the paintwork does oxidize and it is not impervious to environmental conditions. It still requires regular care including car wax. Car waxes and paint sealants are both designed to protect your car paint from exposure to the sun, moisture and pollution
Without the protective coating provided by a car wax or paint sealant, your vehicles paint finish will quickly deteriorate. Beyond shielding, car waxes and paint sealants also make your cars' paint finish reflect more light. As a result, your car will appear to have more color and vibrancy. If you want the very best protection possible that is long lasting and truly durable in all climate and environmental conditions , the paint sealant is your choice.

  • Unlike other cleaning methods,vapor is able to enter into all surface cracks and fissures.
  • Ticks and fleas that can hide in the upholstery may be removed with ease.
  • Bacteria and viruses that have become resistant to chemical products are effectively removed.
  • deodorizing ,sterilizing all surfaces without harsh chemicals .
  • optimum sanitary conditions incl. ventilation system.
  • removal of stains ,odors, bacteria,mold, yeast, fungi and mites that cause allergic diseases.
  • leather upholstery treatment .

Have you stopped to think how dirty, hazy, water spotted glass can be a safety hazard? Good visibility is key for safe driving in tough weather conditions. We've all experienced stress when driving in stormy weather. Sometimes, windshield wipers aren't enough to keep rain from blocking your view, especially at night. Using EcoShine's Rain Repellent dramatically improves your rainy day driving visibility. Designed for professional application on windshields, side and rear windows, our non-stick invisible coating turns the rainwater into beads, which are easily swept away keeping your windshield crystal clear whilst adding an extra layer of protection.

  • Dramatically improves vision in wet weather driving.
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night.
  • Repels rain, dirt, and oily road grime.
  • Allows easier removal of snow, ice and frost.
  • Allows easy removal of bugs.
  • Glass stays cleaner longer.
  • Protects against water marks and keeps down salt water.
  • Improves efficiency of windshield wipers.
  • Effective on new and old windshields.

Visibility increases significantly, with 34% higher ability to recognize objects, signs and hazards during wet weather.

EcoShine's Rain Repellent is long lasting and lasts six (6) times longer than other rain repellent glass treatments.. The lasting time depends on the climate where you live. Frequent stormy weather conditions will require more applications, but each application lasts from three to six months.

Yes, but it is rare. The glass is in a fragile state and is put under some stress during the repair process that may get worse. This is more likely to happen if the break is close to the edge of the glass where it is bonded to the vehicle. If we see that the damage is getting worse we will remove our equipment in an attempt to remove any pressure and to stop it from continuing to spread, but this does mean that your only option is to buy a new windshield.

Yes. Long cracks can sometimes be repaired, but the results are usually unsatisfactory. The crack will still be visible, and the overall strength of the glass is compromised. We recommend replacing a windshield that has long cracks.

Yes. Once repaired, most chips will be less noticeable after the repair, but you will most likely still be able to see the outline. Some chip repairs look better than others. The sooner a chip is repaired after the damage has occurred improves the chances of a cleaner repair, but other factors like the size of the impact, how much glass was crushed on impact and what area of the windshield is damaged will effect the the likelihood of a satisfactory repair.

FAQ about Franchice

We offer the possibility of providing key locations for operating EcoShine car cleaning sites. EcoShine is in collaboration with some of Scandinavia's and Europe's leading commercial property companies (shopping malls and centers) as well as leading international parking companies.

All necessary equipment included in starter kit as well as products to complete 500 washes. The equipment includes:

  • a. professional steam machine with double nozzle for simultaneous cleaning of 2 cars.
  • b. professional car polish machine.
  • c. professional vacuum cleaner
  • d. professional upholstery cleaner
  • e. top quality windshield repair kit

Proper training in EcoShine is essential to your success as a franchisee. This includes one week of intense training program including equipment maintenance and repair, car detailing, sales and customer service, financial management, and even how to be a leader for your growing team.

EcoShine is based on a flat fee structure, allowing our franchisees to make more money. EcoShine has a flat monthly marketing fee that is used to market the brand nationally and regionally.

EcoShine offers invaluable expertise to help franchisees at all levels and stages of development to succeed. We offer an initial business plan and market research, marketing material, centralized marketing activities, website, online booking and access to templates and professionals presentations.

Yes. We encourage franchisees with the required skills and experience to consider multi-unit development opportunities.

Your franchise agreement will have an initial term of 10 years, plus a 10-year renewal option..