A. Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business whilst having an extensive support system behind them

B. Already existing businesses that want to offer an added service to their customers, such as gas stations, car repair workshops, MOT, hotels etc

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Working under an established and respected brand name such as EcoShine has obvious benefits. With low upfront investment, and a quick and easy start up, you are part of an already well-known and credible company in Europe. That means that the battle is already half won for you before you even start.

As a franchisee, you maintain the advantages of being your own boss with increased security for your enterprise – not only are you following a tried and tested format, but also save time and energy by not worrying about generating publicity to raise the awareness of your firm.

Studies have been done where the franchisees were asked about their attitudes and opinions and experiences regarding franchising. Nine out of ten said that their franchisees have been successful. As many felt that the expectations that existed before the start had been fulfilled. Two out of three did not think they would have been as successful if they started a similar activity themselves.


Turn Key Business

Full training in all provided services with certification upon completion

A complete start up package including products and machines

Website and online booking system

Manager support and market research based on your needs

Marketing team handling all advertising, PR and social media

Brochures and other marketing materials ready to print

Development of innovative products and technologies

Training & Support

EcoShine has developed a specialised training and ongoing support system to ensure you have the skills and tools to operate and expand your business. Training is essential for all EcoShine Franchisees which Includes:

Training Program:

Equipment maintenance and repair

Auto detailing.


Sales and Customer Service

Support Program:

Full time support from the head office.

Initial business plan and market research

Website, online booking and enquiries through EcoShine website

Centralised marketing activities through e.g. social media

An intranet secure system for:

Ordering all equipment, products and customised marketing materials.

Access to templates, professional presentations, proposals and manuals that you can download for your own use.